How to know if you accidentally went live on Instagram

How to know if you accidentally went live on Instagram

If you accidentally went live on Instagram, there are a few signs that can help you confirm whether or not you are currently broadcasting live to your followers:

  1. Check for the "Live" icon: When you are live on Instagram, a "Live" icon will appear at the top of your screen, just next to your username. This icon will also have a red circle around it.

  2. Look for the "Stop" icon: If you see the "Live" icon, you can also check for the "Stop" icon, which will be located next to the "Live" icon. Tapping on the "Stop" icon will end your live broadcast.

  3. Check the comments section: When you go live on Instagram, your followers can see your live stream and may start commenting on it. If you see a sudden influx of comments on your most recent post or you receive notifications for comments you didn't expect, it may be a sign that you are live.

  4. Check your profile picture: When you are live on Instagram, your profile picture will have a red ring around it, indicating that you are currently broadcasting live.

If you confirm that you are live and didn't intend to be, you can quickly end the broadcast by tapping the "Stop" icon.

It's important to note that once you end a live broadcast, the video will no longer be available on Instagram unless you choose to save it to your phone or post it to your profile as an IGTV video.